Online Banking


Online banking provides an easier and more comfortable way to carry out financial transactions. However, there are some problems which have been faced by people who use the Internet for banking. Read on to know about some online banking problems.
Online Banking offers a higher level of convenience for managing one’s finances even from one’s bedroom. However, it continues to present challenges to the financial security and personal privacy. Many people have had their account details compromised, as a result of online banking. Thus, if one is going to use it for financial transactions, he should be aware of the risks involved. Awareness of the risks and problems, enables him to take precautions for a more secured online banking experience. Following are some of the online banking problems which the bankers generally face:

Security Issues
While making online payments or transferring money from one account to another, the online bankers are always concerned about the hackers and anti-social elements. Hacking enables the unethical hackers to penetrate the accounts of online bankers, and spend their money. Availability of confidential information which is just secured by a user name and password, makes it vulnerable to such threats. Most of the banks try to make their sites secured by implementing latest network security software. However, there have been plenty of cases in which web surfers were accidentally exposed to the financial details of online bankers. Internet security had a setback when in 2004, Morgan Stanley admitted a serious security flaw in the system of the latest online banking operation. This flaw allowed customers to access account details of other clients.

Necessity of the Internet
For availing the benefits of online banking, one should have access to the Internet. For this purpose, he should own a desktop, laptop or PDA device, and an Internet connection. This reason limits the usage of online banking, as sometimes it’s almost impossible to have an Internet connection, to serve the purpose. One might also face problems if the Internet connectivity breaks down during an ongoing transaction, or if someone eavesdrop his user name and password, while accessing it in a cyber cafe.

Customer Care Services
While carrying out online transactions there are many instances when the banker might need help of a representative, from the bank. The brick and mortar banks have customer care representatives who are easier to talk to, but in case of online banking, in which the banks provide customer care numbers, the bankers find it difficult to get their problems solved. Sometimes there is a congestion in the network and they have to wait for sometime, in order to talk to the bank’s representative at the other end. Once the line is put through, one may either get somebody helpful and knowledgeable or may not, leaving him in a baffled and confused situation.

Although online banking involves risk and imposes certain problems, there are many facilities provided by it. To avail these benefits, it is important for one to educate himself about the risks, and the steps he can take to protect his financial information. It is also necessary to understand the rights and responsibilities as a customer, in order to make a difference to one’s own financial well-being.